Body Wrap

Body Cocoons

The Body Concoon consists of product application, 20 minutes rest time, scalp massage, shower, and a 20 minute lotion application.

Hour $60.00

Sea Algae

Sea Algae hydrates as well as stimulates circulation in the skin to help improve elasticity.  This treatment helps with detoxifying so it is a great treatment during weight loss.

Botanical Mud

A blend of Kaolin Clay is used to draw out impurities in the skin.  Lavender powder is added to cleanse the skin, chamomile powder to calm the skin and rose powder to nourish.  This blend helps improve damaged skin.


Seaweed is ideal for cellulite treatments because this mixture includes the detoxifying benefits of sea algae and the exfoliation of brewer’s yeast and spiruline to improve metabolic stimulation of the skin.